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Dave Filchak – The 80’s

Dave Filchak

The 80's

Dave Filchak

The 80’s, may seem today like they were filled with sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. If you thought that, you would be right. It was a great time for rock bands of all ilk. I am not saying it was better than today’s music, or better than any music for that matter. But it was fun! You just had to be there.

Am going to try to add music from that time, as much as I can find. You got some …. send it my way.

In the studio for Living On Laughs

So, I was going through yet more old pictures that I found and came across the following pictures of most, if not all of the people who so kindly contributed their talent and time to my project, the Living On Laughs album. 

When I think back to that time, and those long days and nights in the studio with these people, it is a very fond memory. These were really fine players all, and we really had a blast playing these songs. To all of them, I say thank you for being there for me. It was a really fun time. 

Am I do not want to miss thanking the two engineers that worked with me on this: Barry Hegland and Laurie Ingalls. They made it possible for me to play with these fine musicians without worrying about the recording end of it. And of course, Chester Mook for financing the whole thing. 

There, that’s about it.

Going way back

One of my older collection of pics. Unfortunately, some not in great shape but now that I have scanned them, at least they won’t get any worse. Many of these are from the old “707” house. Some from our practice warehouse on 2nd or 3rd street north, some from who knows? I hope some of you can identify people and places in these pics where I do not know.

1978 – The Wedding & More

In November 2018, I was invited to fly out west with an old friend of mine from Toronto. He was looking to possibly buy some land there and so. I went along to be the guide and also because it was a great opportunity to spend some time with old friends that I hardly ever see and some I had not seen in decades.

A few of those that I have not seen in decades was Pat & Steve Cross and Bruce Edmundsen. Seriously, it had been sooo long and it was soooo great to see them again. Pattie I have known since I was a teenager and Steve since the 1970’s. Steve is a simply wonderful guitar player and all-round nice man and Pattie is, well, just wonderful. And Bruce was the original light man for Moses and toured extensively with us in the early 70’s. Also a good man.

So, while we were visiting, Pat pulled out an envelope of old photos and gave them to me. Some of these people and had not seen since Moses broke up. We remembered all of them by the picture, but some we just could not put the right name to. If you know the names, let me know please. And if you have any other pics, let’s get a bit of a photo history going here.


Boogaloo, or more correctly, according to guitarist Jeremy Etherington, the Boogaloo Walk Band, was yet another fine rock band from Lethbridge in the 70’s. The members were Gerald Heibert on keys, Sherry Kennedy vocals, Eric Geisreiter drums, Reid Seibert on bass and Jeremy Etherington on guitar. 

Still looking for some audio on these guys and awaiting some copy from the very busy doctor Jeremy but here are some pics to jog your memory.

Boogaloo Live
Boogaloo Live
Boogaloo Promo

Frank Slide

Frank Slide - Killer Band

Frank Slide was one of the local bands from Lethbridge Alberta back in the 70’s. They were a band made up of some of the finest players from the area at the time, and in my opinion, one of the best. They were soulful and fun and I loved to go listen to them whenever I was back in town.

Members of the band were: Steve Cross, guitars and vocals; Jeremy Etherington, guitars and vocals, Robbie Berday, drums and vocals, Earl McAuley, keyboards and Bruce Miller, vocals and flute.

I thought I would give you just a taste of what they sounded like, with hopefully more to come. I do not know where this venue was nor do I know the year, and the recording, or at least this version of it is not the best. But you will hear their talent.

Until then….enjoy.

Peter Archer – The Mystery Man

What happened to Peter?

Peter was a bit of a mystery man. I thought I knew  him really well, hell, I lived with the man for a number of years back in the mid 80’s in a little farm house on SE Marine Drive in Burnaby, down by where all the vegetable growers were and the train whistles could be heard off in the distance as they ran the rail along the Fraser river. So, you’d assume I had a handle on him but you would be wrong.

Pete was a stubborn, private man, born in England and came out of the rough punk music that was predominate in England at the time. Pete had talent … lots of it really. He could sound rough and then in a second, he could soar sweetly. That described him pretty accurately, a man of opposites.

He went through a divorce in the early 80’s and he never really let go of his bitterness over that. He drove a Vancouver city bus for years … and hated it. But he stuck with it long enough to get himself a good enough pension to but a nice little cabin on a beautiful piece of land on, I think, Salt Spring Island. He basically hide away and I rarely heard from him..especially as I had already moved to Toronto .. so far away. Every once in a while I would get a package in the mail with a strange concoction of music he had recorded. It was always interesting. And, he never put a return address on so I could never get in touch with him. Until one evening when my phone rang and there was Peter on the other end … sounding a bit tired … and weak. He said he had emphysema and he did not think he was going to make it. Oh, and he wanted to give me his property. This…out of the blue. Well of course I said “Come on Pete, you’re going to pull through these … don’t give up. It will be OK“.

I never heard from him again … and apparently, neither did anyone else. No one. We have not been able to find out what happened … and where. We tried, but nothing. He just disappeared. Maybe he died in hospital …maybe he just walked into the ocean he loved so much. Maybe he is still alive and just wants to be left alone. I really do not know.

I think of him often. And I think about how much talent he had. So, I decided to do a bit of work on a bunch of songs Pete and I recorded, along with a number of really fine players that were friends of mine and Pete’s and who frequented our little studio on 5th street underneath Prugger’s Music Store in Lethbridge. I think these sessions were somewhere around 1978/79. Things are a bit foggy after all this time.

The players I remember on these sessions were, and I know I will miss some so please let me know if you remember: Brad Valgardson, drums, Robbie Berday, drums, Russ Hauser, Dan Dube and Earl McAuley on various keyboards, maybe Jim Williams on bass but I know there was at least one other bass player that I cannot remember (Laurie?), myself and maybe Steve Cross on guitars (Jeremy, did you play on these at all?), Vern Dorge on tenor sax and flute and Pete on acoustic guitar … that glorious Marten D28 of his.

These recordings are old, probably were not stored as optimally as they could have been…but the essence of Pete and the fine playing of the players involved is all there. I hope you enjoy. 

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