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Moses – End of the Line

This album was a compilation album that was released after Moses broke up. This contains various studio cuts of songs recorded mostly in studios around the United States.

Moses was Dave Filchak: guitars and vocals, Lynn Johnson: guitars and vocals, Jim Williams: bass and acoustic guitar, Eric Geisreiter: drums, Randy “Skid” McCann: drums.

Management: Doug Brown
Edited and mixed at Southern Sound Studios, Lethbridge, Alberta Canada, 1978.


Ballerina Dance has a few audio drop outs right near the beginning but they are short lived (Hey, this was done in 1978 – 40 years ago)
Feel Like A Fool is distorted – more than the original. Not sure how or when this happened but am looking for a cleaner version. Will replace this one when and if I find a better one.

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  1. Grew up listening to this band, takes me back to the outrider days! Saw them at a band reunion bout 15 years ago,and they still sounded great!


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