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Way back in the late sixties and all through the seventies, there existed a music scene in Alberta and, more specifically in southern Alberta, the rivaled most places I have ever known throughout my years of touring through North America. In those days, Lethbridge was a very small city, population around 35K to 40K. Small. But, there were possibly a dozen very good bands from there, and, believe it or not, places for them to play and better supported by their fans. It was “electric” to say the least. And, bands from Calgary and Edmonton would regularily contribute to that whole delicious pot of rock, blues and country. That was a good time!

So, since I had the resources to do it and had much material in my archives, I decided to put this site together to expose people to some of these bands and artists, or jog a few hazy memories, with the hope that other people that have recorded material from that time might see their way clear to contribute to this library of music. Please feel free to contact me through the contact form on this site if you have material to contribute to us.

After a while, I decided to include musicians, bands and songwriters I have either worked with or have known since I left Lethbridge. I do not represent everyone because I do not have material to present to you from everyone. But, I will continue to add as I can and if you have something you thing will contribute to this, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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