Original Song

In the studio for Living On Laughs

So, I was going through yet more old pictures that I found and came across the following pictures of most, if not all of the people who so kindly contributed their talent and time to my project, the Living On Laughs album. 

When I think back to that time, and those long days and nights in the studio with these people, it is a very fond memory. These were really fine players all, and we really had a blast playing these songs. To all of them, I say thank you for being there for me. It was a really fun time. 

Am I do not want to miss thanking the two engineers that worked with me on this: Barry Hegland and Laurie Ingalls. They made it possible for me to play with these fine musicians without worrying about the recording end of it. And of course, Chester Mook for financing the whole thing. 

There, that’s about it.

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