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Frank Slide

Frank Slide - Killer Band

Frank Slide was one of the local bands from Lethbridge Alberta back in the 70’s. They were a band made up of some of the finest players from the area at the time, and in my opinion, one of the best. They were soulful and fun and I loved to go listen to them whenever I was back in town.

Members of the band were: Steve Cross, guitars and vocals; Jeremy Etherington, guitars and vocals, Robbie Berday, drums and vocals, Earl McAuley, keyboards and Bruce Miller, vocals and flute.

I thought I would give you just a taste of what they sounded like, with hopefully more to come. I do not know where this venue was nor do I know the year, and the recording, or at least this version of it is not the best. But you will hear their talent.

Until then….enjoy.

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